Tuesday, April 18, 2006

First post

Honestly, i thought (still think?) the whole "blog" thing was kinda dumb. I mean who really cares what normal people think? The main reason i decided to make a "blog" (i still hate that word) was to have an outlet and audience for what i am looking at as a career, journalism. Ideally i would love to be in the video game industry, writing reviews for a magazine/website but i am going to keep the topics broad (mostly video games, sports, and music, my three biggest interests). Deadlines and me don't really get along well so i figured this would be a nice way to practice. I promise not to whine about my feelings or petty things that happen in my life as i find that stuff boring. I will try and update often as i am constantly writing game reviews and griping/gushing about sports and music.

Alright enough of that

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