Friday, January 19, 2007

NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship

Can the Saints overcome their terrible history? How bad will Rex Grossman be? Will Peyton Manning get the monkey off his back? Can the Patriots keep their historic dominance in past post-seasons up? These are the four major plotlines that have been driven into the ground over the past week or so involving the remaining playoff teams. I am sick of them and can’t wait until this round is over and we get on to the pointless Super Bowl angles! What Brady ate for breakfast or how excited Manning is to be in his first Super Bowl. Will New Orleans bring a championship to a city that really needs it? As the teams dwindle, so does the quality of stories about said teams. Anyway enough ranting, on to the predictions.

New Orleans Saints (+2) at Chicago Bears
The +2 line is the ultimate “we have no clue, your guess is as good as ours” line. If this game was in New Orleans I think the line would be at least -7 Saints. They are playing too well on offense and with too much emotion to lose this game. Chicago’s D has been suspect its past few games, and probably should have lost to Seattle, giving up 24 points. Then again, all of the remaining teams are 1-2 plays away from sitting at home. Rex won’t lose this game for the Bears, but he won’t win it either. Saints-27 Bears-17.

New England Patriots (+3) at Indianapolis Colts
Looking at Brady and Manning’s post season numbers so far, no one would guess they’d be dueling for the chance to go to the Super Bowl. This has all the makings of a classic. On one hand we have the crafty veterans who have done it time and time again, in the Patriots. On the other side there are the perennial bridesmaids, the Colts, who have been knocked out by the Patriots twice en route to the Super Bowl. This time the Colts are at home, the Pats have castoffs and old men at almost every position, Vinatieri is kicking for the other team, the Indy defense is playing inspired football and the Patriots are truly the luckiest team in the Conference championship round. That being said they still have Brady and Belichick at the two most important positions in football. Patriots-24 Colts-21.

Last Week: 2-2
Playoffs: 5-3

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