Tuesday, May 08, 2007

NBA Playoffs: Round 2

So I am late on my predictions (final exams and such) and didn't do so hot in my predictions. Three out of four in the East and a forgettable one out of four in the West. The Mavs/Warriors series was amazing and the Jazz/Rockets was great as well. Other than that there were a lot of teams that barely showed up, (Heat, Wiz, Nuggets and LA) making for some boring games.

The second round is already underway and is promising to be a whole lot better than the first. So with some series already two games in, here are my predictions - with a little cheating.


Spurs over Suns in seven
San Antonio leads this series 1-0 already, but I honestly thought they were going to win the series anyway. The defense is just good enough, Nash cannot guard Parker and the Spurs are just simply built to win in the playoffs. When the Suns don't shoot the three well, they lose. If the other games are half as dramatic as game one, this will be one hell of a series.

Warriors over Jazz in seven
That's right, give me some of that Golden State kool-aid and save me a seat next to Jessica Alba on the Warrior bandwagon. Looking at game one the Jazz played Golden State's style and ended up winning the game. But the Warriors can take solace in the fact that they were a Jason Richardson wide open three away from leading that game with less than a minute to go.

The Jazz will kill the Warriors on the boards and Boozer will have some huge games, but I don't believe Utah can keep playing the Warrior way for an entire series. Plus I don't care how good a road team Utah is, that crowd in Oakland is going to be insane.


Cavaliers over Nets in six
The series no one cares about. The Raptors/Nets series was pretty even and yet terribly unwatchable. In game one of this series the Cavs won 81-77. Yawn. This series needs a LeBron vs. Carter brawl or something to make it exciting. As far as the game goes, the Cavs are better on the boards, have the better star, and actually have players who aren't guards. Inconsistency be damned, Cavs win.

Chicago over Detroit in seven
I know they are down 0-2 to the best team in the East. I know they are young, inexperienced and probably a little out coached. But something tells me the Bulls aren't going to go down this easily. Ben Gordon has done a disappearing act so far and I think that will change. Chris "Fountain of Youth" Webber dropped 22 points in their last win, I don't think that will happen again. Even if the Bulls don't win, I think this series goes longer than four games.

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