Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Picks: Week 2

I am on cloud nine from last weeks picks. Not only going 5-0, but also predicting a Chicago shutout of the Packers. Maybe I should put money on this....
On to the picks for week 2.

St. Louis Rams (-3-1/2) at San Francisco 49ers
I am going with the Rams again. I think the 49ers fooled everyone into thinking they are better than they really are with a good offensive performance last week. The niners should be getting at least five points in this game. St. Louis is going to be able to put up a good amount of points against the bad San Fran. Defense and should win easily.

New Orleans Saints (-1-1/2) at Green Bay Packers
New Orleans looked good in their opener; Reggie seems to be the real deal. Green Bay looked pitiful and I don’t get how they aren’t getting at least a seven point advantage every game they play. New Orleans should roll.

Cleveland Browns (+10-1/2) at Cincinnati Bengals
I like the Bengals as much as the next guy but 11 points is a lot to win by. Cleveland looks like they are going to play hard every game this year an make better teams work to win. Cleveland Cornerback Leigh Bodden will give Chad Johnson trouble and limit his effectiveness. They won’t win, but look for Cleveland to cover.

Houston Texans (+13-1/2) at Indianapolis Colts
Without James the Colts are a one dimensional team that has to put up 300+ passing yards to win. Can they do it? Of course, Peyton Manning is that good. Without a steady run game to control the clock it will be hard to win as much as they are used to. I just cannot envision them winning by 14 points against any team, even one as bad as the Texans.

Oakland Raiders (+a million) at Baltimore Ravens
Ok, so it’s actually +14, but that’s still a ton. The Raiders are a two win team, at best. They have a terrible defense and strictly deep ball offense lead by a dumb quarterback and even dumber coach. That said I am not in love with the Ravens as everyone else is. The defense looked very good against a good team, Tampa Bay. But is Ray Lewis really back? Can McNair hold up all year? This is a team with a lot of question marks. Mark my words, if the Raiders don’t cover I will never pick them again this season.

Last Week: 5-0
Season: 5-0

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