Friday, September 29, 2006

The Picks: Week 4

Ugly week again, 1-3-1, the Bears couldn’t score one more lousy point to make it a more respectable 2-2-1. I am still treading water at .500 and can bounce back any week now. This is a very tough week, with only 1 double digit line as of 10:42 Thursday night. There should be a lot of close ones so here we go.

Cleveland Browns (-3) at Oakland Raiders
Oakland should be the first team in gambling history to always have a 7 point lead to begin with. Even if every starter on the Browns was injured, I still think they could win. Oakland is that bad. In all seriousness Cleveland played well last week, giving the Ravens all they could handle. The Browns should be able to dispatch the Raiders with relative ease.

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears (-3-1/2)
Madden curse aside, I would’ve picked the Bears in this game. With Alexander out (barring some holy miracle he keeps talking about) the Bears should be able to shut down the high powered Seattle offense. Without Alexander the Seahawks become one dimensional and the Bears will prey upon that weakness.

Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans (+4)
An almost even game against the Texans? Miami, this is your franchise. I was looking at David Carr’s numbers earlier tonight and they aren’t all that bad. 6 TD’s 1 INT 10 sacks and 6 fumbles (only 2 lost). He is actually playing alright, even with no breath of a running game or offensive line. The craziest thing is he leads the league in QB rating. This is utterly ridiculous. I wouldn’t be shocked if Miami won this game, but not by more than four points, they are just too inconsistent.

San Francisco 49ers (+7) at Kansas City Chiefs
The loss of Trent Green for at least two more weeks really hurts the spirit of this team. Even with LJ, how can a team expect to win with Damon Huard as their quarterback? Even though KC is real tough place to play, and LJ will probably run the ball 50 times thanks to Huard, I still see the niners covering.

San Diego Chargers (-3) at Baltimore Ravens
I have said all along that I am not a believer in Baltimore. McNair hasn’t been good, they have only played one good team (Tampa Bay, who isn’t really good anymore, but they were at the time), and they kick a lot of field goals. The Chargers dropped 40 on the Titans their last game and look very potent on offense. Linebacker Shawne Merriman terrorized Oakland a few weeks ago and looks like the second coming of LT. This San Diego team looks very good.

Last Week: 1-3-1
Season: 7-7-1

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