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The Picks: Week 13

Astute readers of my blog (all 3 of you) will notice I didn't do any football picks last week. This was for a few reasons: Wii, laziness, and Thanksgiving. So this week I am going to do a double dip of 10 games to try and get my pitiful numbers up. This season has been very strange for football. Almost no game is predictable anymore. The Giants blew a 21 point, 3rd quarter lead to the lowly Titans. The Bears kicked a field goal, down by 7 late in the 4th against the Pats to ruin the "Bears +5" spread, covering and infuriating gamblers everywhere. The Chargers have been down by 17+ late into the 3rd quarter in back to back weeks and have come back to win. Once on the road in Denver. Hell even the Oakland Raiders are playing people tough. Things are crazy. So I have to adapt and pick a little crazy. Watch all favorites win and cover this week...

Seattle Seahawks (+4) at Denver Broncos
Usually Denver does not lose at home. But the Hawks look great with Alexander and Hasselbeck back. And nothing is scared anymore so I am going with the Hawks and the points.

Dallas Cowboys (-3-1/2) at New York Giants
This is a game where I cannot go against what should happen. What should happen is the Boys lead by Romo and that defense should stifle the injury depleted and Eli Manning lead NY Giants. What will probably happen is the Giants will toss a shutout. Thank God I don't have money on these things.

San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills (+6-1/2)
The Bolts are darn good, mainly because of LT. Alleged roid head Shawne Merriman will be back to lead the defense and Rivers is playing like a veteren. So why the Bills? Weather. Even if it doesn't snow, those Cali sissy boys will be feeling the freeze in Buffalo. Add in the fact that the Bills aren't playing half bad and we have a potential upset on our hands.

Detroit Lions at New England Patriots (-14)
The Pats are coming off a huge yet ugly win against the Bears and are eyeing a first round bye in the playoffs. The Lions are a dreadful defensive team and an inconsistent offensive one. Dangerous game? Absolutely. Should it be close? No.

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans (+8)
A week ago, the Titans would be getting 14+ points. But that comeback against the Giants was phenomenal, even if Eli gave it to them. Vince Young looks like the real deal, Vick with a much better arm. If it weren't for that Colston in New Orleans (who is injured and has Brees to throw him the ball) VY would be vying for rookie of the year. He has no one to help him on that team and is still playing well. The Colts are 100000-0 in regular season games but the Titans always play them tough. Vince has that something about him, he will rise to this game and at least keep it close.

Arizona Cardinals (+7) at St. Louis Rams
The Rams were my team in the first half of the season. Now they have almost no chance in the woeful NFC West where the freakin 49ers have a chance. Arizona was the trendy playoff pick that no one will own up to anymore. Worst team in the NFL much? Having no O-line is a bad thing. Just look at poor Edgerrin James. So this is the Toilet Bowl, and in the Toilet Bowl, take the points.

Minnesota Vikings (+9-1/2) at Chicago Bears
I would like to gload that I predicted when the Pats played the then 4-2 Vikings that they weren't as good as everyone thought they were. I remember hearing things like "they will challenge the Bears" and "they don't make mistakes, they run the ball and stop the run". But the thing is when you can't score at all and you can't rely on your QB to win some games on his own, it's tough to win. But the Bears really showed that they don't have a QB either. Grossman is the ultimate Jekyll/Hyde quarterback. Even more than Mike Vick. One game he will throw 4 TD's, the next 5 INT's. First half MVP to second half goat. Mark this: 2006 Bears, first round playoff loser.

Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns (+6)
Cleveland was one dropped hail mary from beating the rival Steelers last week. I watched the end of that game and really found myself rooting for the Browns. They seem like a team headed in the right direction even with shaky character guys like Edwards and Winslow. The Chiefs will be a tough out especially with Trent Green back and LJ running like he always does. Interesting side note: Has anyone noticed the almost Brady-like way in which LJ stole Priest Holmes job? I know he is injured and will probably retire but it's a freaky comparison. Proven, Hall of Fame guy goes down (Bledsoe & Holmes) and unproven rookie (Brady and Johnson) takes over and becomes one of the best at their position. And that folks is why sports are great.

Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders (-3)
Oakland favored in a game?! Granted it is the Texans but still. If these teams combined their rosters they would be pretty darn good. Houston has the offense thing down with Carr and Andre Johnson (top 5 reciever this year) while Oakland is playing great defense especially against the pass. Problem is Carr has to throw the ball 40+ times because they have no running game and Walter/Brooks are completely inept quarterbacks. Oakland's D beats Houston's passing game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers (-7-1/2)
I am really sick and tired of all these people refusing to put a fork in the Steelers already. "At 4-7 they still have a chance." Give me a break. I know they are the defending champs and we love teams defending their titles but honestly. If they win out against Baltimore, Cleveland, at Cincinnatti and at Carolina three teams that are better than they are one that plays them tough they'd be 9-7. Baltimore and the Bengals would have to be less than 9-7 (Baltimore is 9-3) for them to win the division. There is no way they are getting the wildcard with KC, Cincy, and the Jets hanging around. So just say it: the Steelers are done. All that said the Bucs are really really bad.

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Season: 20-26-4

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