Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Picks: Week 14

We are closing in on the finale of another NFL regular season. There are a ton of teams still in it and looks like no one (in the AFC, the real conference) is going to clinch homefield until about week 16.

New England Patriots (-3-1/2) at Miami Dolphins
Pats are coming off a scary win and remain mostly Maroney-less again this week. The Dolphins always play New England tough. For some reason only seem to play hard in the second half of the season, when they are already in a huge hole. All that said the Fish still have Joey at quarterback and the Pats still have Tom Brady.

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers (-7-1/2)
If the Broncos miss the playoffs (possible, maybe even likely with KC and Jacksonville looming for the wildcard) Jake Plummer can laugh until his head falls off as he is traded to another team. The team is in the hunt with him at QB (granted he wasn't great, or even very good) but they were still 7-4. Cutler comes in and does exactly what Jake does in most games (2 TD's and 2 picks) and the team loses. It is my humble opinion that if you're winning do not change the quarterback. For one how many back ups can do 1/8 as well as the starters in this league? Another point is if you're winning and you take your QB out, good luck getting him back in next year or whenever, his confidence will be shot. The Broncos have done it and the Bears are probably going to do it. Why are coaches so quick to pull the trigger, QB's struggle sometimes, it comes with the territory. Denver will either miss the playoffs or lose in the first round because the Cutler era had to start now. Chargers by 17.

Philadelphia Eagles (-1-1/2) at Washington Redskins
Picking Jeff Garcia on the road? Must be the Skins. In my opinion the Redskins are the worst team in football. No running game (last week was an abberation), a rookie QB, a significant weapon at WR who has fell off the face of the earth (Moss), and a ton of wasted money on free agents who have gone M.I.A. Oh and the defense can't stop anyone. Right now I would take the Raiders, Texans, and Lions over the Redskins. The Eagles keep their .500 playoff dream alive. Here's to hoping we see a 7-9 team in the playoffs.

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars (+1-1/2)
What a week can do. Losing on a 60 yard field goal is bad enough, but losing on a 60 yard field goal against the Titans? That hurts. Everyone and their mother knows the Colts glaring weakness: run. the. football. Straight up the gut, nothing fancy. That is how the Titans came back from 14 down. They didn't panic and throw the ball with Vince. If they did, they would have lost for sure. Instead they bludgeoned the Colts for 200+ yards on the ground, scratching their way to victory. The Colts looked like a 13-14 win team, even with no run defense. Now? 12 wins is probably a more realistic number. Jax always plays Indy tough. And this Jags team seems hungry and motivated to beat Peyton and the Colts.

Seattle Seahawks (-3-1/2) at Arizona Cardinals
When I first saw this line I thought "this must be a typo, 3-1/2? Someone must be hurt." Check the injury report...Mack Strong is questionable. And that's it. Alexander and Hasselbeck are playing. How is this only three and a half? Seattle looks like a deep playoff team finally and the Cards, well they are terrible. The Cards should be getting at least 6. Seattle by 14.

Last Week: 5-5
Season: 25-31-4

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