Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MLB 2006 Wrap-Up

I am going to do a real quick post-season prediction/regular season awards thing right now. I will get into more detail later (maybe), but I have classes and other dumb stuff so this'll have to wait. Since the playoffs start in about an hour I have to get these down or risk looking like a chump. So without further ado:

NL Cy Young- Brandon Webb, easy choice, top 5 in almost every major category. No other standouts.
NL MVP- Ryan Howard. Carried a terrible team to an almost playoff berth. Mammoth numbers across the board.
NL Rookie- Ryan Zimmerman. Not too tough a choice here, had a ton of clutch hits, 100 RBI's, played amazing defense and looks like a star-to-be. Honorable mention: Prince Fielder.

AL Cy Young- Johan Santana. They may have to re-name it the Johan Santana award if he keeps this up. Blew everyone else away, won the quadruple crown of pitching, only dominant starter in the playoffs.
AL MVP- Justin Morneau. Very tight here, I bought into this guy because he carried the majority of the load on an offense deficient team. Jeter shouldn't win it (leadoff type guys shouldn't win it unless there are insane circumstances), nor should Ortiz (team didn't make the playoffs).
AL Rookie- Justin Verlander. This was first Papelbons' to lose. Then Lirianos'. They both got hurt and Verlander just kept pitching. Along with other candidate Jared Weaver, there are some great looking young arms in the AL.

Padres over Cardinals in 5
Dodgers over Mets in 5
Yankees over Tigers in 4
Twins over A's in 3

Dodgers over Padres in 6
Twins over Yankees in 7

Twins over Dodgers in 6

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