Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The 10 stories about Favre you'll be sick of (if you aren't already) by the weekend

Brett Favre retired today (knock on wood). Journalists the world over celebrated verily, as they now have feature story fodder for the next few days. Here are the 10 topics you'll avoid reading/have read a thousand times:

Battled addiction to pain killers and alcohol
Got traded from Atlanta to Green Bay
Played in 200+ consecutive NFL games
Won three MVPs (in a row) and a Super Bowl
Played immediately after death of father, throwing a lot of TDs
Is a country boy who "just wants to have fun"
Broke a number of prestigious NFL records
The last remaining gunslinger*
Retired more than once
Last play of career was an INT in the NFC Championship game

*arbitrary term invented by the media to nicely describe a QB who throws a lot of TDs and INTs - Favre is only member of species.

Update: This article has seven out ten. Come on sports writers, I know one of you can get all 10 in there!

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