Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scoop Jackson really wants to play race card, somehow holds back

In this article, Scoop Jackson says that Larry Bird has damaged the Pacers as bad as Isiah Thomas has the Knicks. He comes up with many possible answers: race, region and franchises they run, among them.

My favorite part is the "yeah there's the $11 million dollar sexual harassment suit..." as if that can be brushed aside. Yes, Bird's players were involved in shootings which is kind of (but not really) comparable. But Bird can't control what his players do at 3 a.m. Thomas can control (although maybe not) his sexual harassing.

Scoop also blames Bird for "questionable moves" - such as getting rid of Artest and Stephen Jackson. But wait, I thought Bird is to blame for having bad attitude players involved in questionable behavior? Seems to me that getting rid of nutjobs like Artest and Jackson was the right move. Thomas may want to take notice and get rid of cancers like Randolph, Curry, Marbury ... pretty much the whole team not named David Lee.

Thomas ruined the flagship NBA franchise while Bird just messed with a team people only watch when the Hoosiers are bad. Knicks/Pacers. Indiana/NYC. It's really no contest. Should Bird be getting more hate? Maybe. Then again, I think Hoosiers can go all the way this year!

What about Chris Wallace in Memphis? He traded his best player for a third young point guard and a bag of peanuts. There are a lot of crappy GMs in the NBA - not just Bird and Thomas. The one who ruined the Knicks just happens to be on the biggest stage, nothing more. Oh and that whole sexual harassment thing.

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