Monday, March 24, 2008

Every March Madness conversation ever

Guy 1: How's your bracket?
Guy 2: Ah not bad. I still got [between 40% - 60% of chosen teams] left.

Guy 1: Hey, how about that [minor upset] game last night?
Guy 2: I know, crazy! That [small school no one knows the location of with a funny nickname] may be the real deal.
Guy 1: They remind me of [most recent small school to achieve minor success].
Guy 2: I think [one good player on said team] is ready for the NBA [isn't].

Guy 1: Can you believe [high-profile basketball school] got knocked out in the second round?
Guy 2: Totally sucks, I had [Kansas] going all the way.

Guy 1: Who's in your Final Four?
Guy 2: [Three number one seeds and a two], I try to mix it up a bit.

Guy 1: How pumped are you Duke is gone?
Guy 2: Extremely.

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