Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Do announcers ever have to check anything? Ever?

During the telecast of the Tampa/NY Yankees, the indelible Rick Sutcliffe (who was repeating someone else, I assume the TB pitching coach) said something to effect:

"He [Edwin Jackson] could have 15 wins with some run support."

Thirty seconds later I found...

Edwin Jackson: 5.37 runs scored per nine.

That is in the top 35 in baseball. Fifteenth in the AL. Come on Tampa, get over 6.5 runs, Eddy needs some wins!

Also, Sutcliffe's wing man said, "Jeter is having a good year, near .300 with the bat."

Jeter's dum-dum line: .295/8/63
Jeter's much worse smarty pants line: .355 OBP/.398 SLG/.753 OPS with 10 steals and four CS. His even 100 OPS+ means he is a completely average baseball playing human this season.

Jeter is, by all accounts that don't include the fatally flawed BA, having an AWFUL year. For him. An average one for a faceless player. Go figure.

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