Thursday, September 04, 2008

Giants 'irrefutable' as number one team in football

At least according to my favorite site, Cold Hard Football

The 10-6 Giants whom outscored opponents by 22 points/game, won every playoff game narrowly, have Eli Manning as QB, blah blah blah.

If they are better than 8-8 this season I will personally email someone at CHFF and apologize. I mean it.

The Giants kick off the 2008 NFL season tonight as defending Super Bowl champs and No. 1 in the almighty CHFF Power Rankings. The wisdom behind our ranking is irrefutable: the last time an NFL game was fought with real bullets, the Giants were the only team to emerge from their foxhole in one piece.

Clearly the best team always wins the SB in a three game round of Russian roulette.

But that's not to say the Giants will be the best team in football this year.

But good enough to be IRREFUTABLY ranked as number one this season.

Hell, many "pundits," including the Cold, Hard Football Facts, wonder if they’ll even reach the playoffs this year in the rough-and-tumble NFC East, let alone march through another Manhattan ticker-tape parade.

Broken record say: Good enough to be ranked number one, irrefuckingfutably.

Fans and "pundits" also wonder: is the real Eli Manning the unflappable rock who guided the Giants to four straight postseason wins and produced the greatest championship-winning drive in the history of the game? Or is the real Eli Manning the dough-faced goober who was mired below mediocrity (note the career 73.4 passer rating) right up until January?

Is Eli Manning the dude we saw for four fucking games in the playoffs or the other 57 games of his career?


The rest of this is actually reasons why the G-men are flawed. Nothing too egregious. But really, go read this if you want to see just how terrible the Giants were/are.

And come on CHFF, why rank them number one when they aren't?

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