Friday, January 02, 2009

NFL MVP voters prove (again) 'winning' is the bomb dot com

Peyton Manning - who is only a few steps away from becoming the new Favre - has won his third MVP in a landslide.

Is him winning the worst thing in the world? No, not really. He was good in a season where there were no LDTs or Shaun Alexanders (remember him?) smashing TD records.

Manning received 38 points. Adrian Peterson, who finished second, had 15.5 points.

Where did Manning rank amongst the NFL's best passers this season? Glad you asked.

Comp. % - third
Yards - sixth (over 1,000 behind leader)
Yards/attempt - 13th (a full yard behind Rivers)
TDs - fifth (seven behind Rivers)
INTs - tied for 18th
QB rating - fifth (ten spirit points or whatever the hell they're called behind Rivers)
Team W/L - 12-4 motherfuckers!

A fine resume for an MVP. But there is a certain name that keeps ranking near the top of all these - Philip Rivers.

Comp. % - seventh
Yards - fifth
Yards/attempt - first
TDs - first
INTs - tied for 18th
QB rating - first
Team W/L - 8-8 :(

And because his team finished 8-8, he gets a whopping 4 total points in the voting. I am not saying Rivers should have won, but he had a better season than Manning. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

Rivers, Peterson, Brees, Turner, Portis - hell even Thomas Jones, Chad Pennington or Albert Haynesworth, are all better MVP candidates.

But how many of them have two other MVPs and are the poster boys of the NFL?

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