Friday, January 09, 2009

I remember something about false idols...


Jay Mariotti chimed in with this ridiculous column yesterday. His blog on AOL is now required reading for me:

Down in these parts, where college football is part religion and part psychosis, they like to say Superman wears Tebow pajamas. I'm thinking that's an understatement. I'm thinking if Tebow heads to Wall Street next week, the economic crisis instantly will end. I'm thinking he convinces Amy Winehouse to sober up and Lindsay Lohan to stop fighting with this Samantha person. I'm thinking he shows up in Detroit, and the Lions go 16-0.

He is, I dare suggest, one of the most important young people in this country: true to his faith, unfailingly humble and courteous, a together kid in a complicated world. He's a rock star without the sex and drugs and even the rock and roll, citing Frank Sinatra as his fave and "Send in the Clowns'' as his coolest song, which isn't exactly Lil Wayne doing "Lollipop."

This is not a joke. Those words are real. Written by someone who is paid. Really.

And the ending:

I feel so inferior. You, too?

Kill me now.


Tim Tebow (God bless you) and the Florida Gators beat Oklahoma in the BCS National Championship game last night. But much more entertaining than the game was the announcing.

The guilty party? Thom Brennaman - whose constant slobbering over Tebow was borderline fetishistic.

Some excerpts:

"You know, in such a cynical, sarcastic society; oftentimes looking for the negative on anybody or anything, if you're fortunate enough to spend five minutes or twenty minutes around Tim Tebow, your life is better for it."

Holy fucking shit.

This made me LOL a little bit:

"Time Tebow, the young man unwavering in his faith and how it sustains him, his remarkable achievements off the field define him far more than those on the field. ... He's fed needy children, lived in an orphanage as well as a lepper colony."

Lepper colonies still exist?!

*After a taunting penalty on The Great One*
"That may be the first thing he's done wrong in his life. I'm dead serious."

Ok, so maybe that second sentence wasn't spoken, but it was implied.

I really LOLed at this one:

*After the subject of Tebow being the fourth best QB in the Big 12*
"That may be the single most ridiculous statement anybody has ever uttered."

No, I think that is the most ridiculous statement anyone has ever uttered.

All in all, it was a night of absurd exaggeration for a player who will be the third tight end on an NFL team in a year.

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