Monday, February 02, 2009

Best Super Bowl EVARARARAR!!!!!!1111111!111!!!!

A game was played last night. It was exciting - at least quarters two and four, where 44 of the 50 points were scored - and much better than people thought it was going to be.

But best ever? Ahh how we over-exaggerate recent memories.

Snap judgments require making quick, rapid-fire assessments, but I think even upon further review, with lots of time to mull things over, I'd still come to the same remarkable conclusion: We just witnessed the best Super Bowl in history. Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23.

No. The last eight minutes - when the score went from yawn-worthy 20-7 to the final of 27-23 - were very exciting. But the other 52? Sure, there were great plays. But Arizona did not play very well, there were a ton of penalties and there were questionable calls. Let's not go crazy here.

A mouthful, I know. But for drama, plot twists and huge, game-changing plays, how can we say anything less than the Super Bowl's 43rd edition was the best ever?

By saying it was a very exciting game and could be one of the best Super Bowls ever. Ah, but we don't get paid to write rationally.

"Some say we could not top last year's Super Bowl, but the Steelers and Cardinals did that tonight,'' said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, getting no disagreement from me.

Background on last year's Super Bowl that you already know:

  • The Patriots were 18-0 and enormous favorites.
  • The Giants were a wild card team, the first ever to win a Super Bowl.
  • Tom Brady threw 50 TDs, a record and won the MVP.
  • The Patriots may have had the best season any team has ever had.
  • There was the whole Spygate thing and the Pats cast as one of the best villains ever.
  • The Patriots were 18 and fucking 0.
  • The Giants won an insane series of plays, the likes of which are impossible to recreate. I can't even watch this whole clip.
Pretty good one.

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