Monday, February 09, 2009

Bill Madden may have suffered a serious head injury

That is really the only explanation of him suggesting that the Yankees cut the alleged steroid abuser, A-Rod.

I've stumbled across a lot of moronic, sensationalist and ill-informed sports writing over the past year or so since I've been actively looking for it. But I am not exaggerating when I say this is the absolute dumbest.

Now that A-Rod's pursuit looks as counterfeit as Bonds', they should do what's best for the organization:

Cut him loose - no matter the cost.

That cost? $270 million. Thrown away. Not to sign the best player in baseball, but to cut him. How does Madden still have a job? Oh that's right, this is in the New York Daily News.

As difficult as it is to imagine eating $270 million, the Bombers will be making a statement, not just for the Yankee brand but for baseball as a whole.

And we all know the Yankees -- the holiest franchise in baseball, nay all of sports -- are responsible to guarding the ivory gates of baseball dogma. They must stand for what's right -- single-handedly expunge this widespread cancer from America's glorious pastime.

The statement they will make is, "We don't want to win or make smart business decisions. We want to do 'what's right.'"

They will be applauded for it.

Yes, by every other team in baseball because then they can sign A-Rod at a discount.

The Yankees operate under two basic tenets: The relentless pursuit of championships

Those chances will be negatively correlated by cutting A-Rod.

and the fierce protection of their brand. If they are going to remain true to both, then they have no choice but to sever ties with Rodriguez.

And sign Andy freakin' Pettitte -- a roid user.

And if you think A-Rod wilted under the pressure of big games before, just imagine his delicate psyche now under the heightened scrutiny of the media and fans.

Well since he's a pussy, he'd crumble anyway. A-FRAUD!!

As painful as swallowing that $270 million might be, there will be consolation for the Yankees when no other team elects to besmirch their brand by taking in A-Rod - even for nothing.

Oh boy...

Teams not signing Bonds is understandable. He's an AL-only player because he cannot play OF anymore and giving your DH spot to a 40-year-old attention magnet that may not be baseball-ready anymore is not something a lot of teams can do.

But the assertion that no team would sign a bought out A-Rod is absurdly dumb. He's a 33-year-old three-time MVP who will chase the home run record. The steroid thing is honestly so insignificant that I guarantee his phone would be ringning off the hook with calls should the Yankees do this - which they won't because the Yankee brass aren't idiots.

Yet another reason I am glad I am not a Yankee fan: I don't have to read this bullshit all the time about my team.

Until Ortiz gets nabbed and Dan Shaughnessy calls for the '04 and '07 championships to be rescinded.

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JamesAbroad said...

"I've stumbled across a lot of moronic, sensationalist and ill-informed sports writing over the past year or so since I've been actively looking for it."

This makes me so mad. Why do sports writers feel obligated to produce such garbage. Madden can't honestly believe this! It's like they're just trying to make waves rather than say something with any sense. I understand the suggestion of cutting A-rod on principle, but then he writes some trash about how all other teams would follow the brave leadership of the yankees and also shun the PED leper (even for free?!?! are you f'ing serious.) Then he says they're concerned about besmirching their good name. You already mentioned Pettite but don't forget comeback-player-of-the-year Giambino who was defended by the yankee brass then given a blind eye (by everyone) when he returned to his PED numbers after battling his "virus".

Oh, doctor.

Anyway, How were the superbowl announcers? The one I got picked Heath Miller for MVP before the game and would not shut up about him.