Wednesday, June 18, 2008

American Blogiators: Season Two power rankings #2

Crush - 1
She keeps getting the Joust love and her domination continues. She's now six-for-six in that event with six KOs. Skytrack is proving itself to be a useless endeavor for the mortals (Gladiators are 11-for-12 with only 10 points allowed) so her results (two-for-two, no points) can essentially be ignored. The new event, Snapback, looks to be very difficult, so Crush's eight allowed in her first try there holds little water. She now leads AGs with 13 appearances.

Venom - 2
While getting little burn over the past few episodes, Venom is still doing fine. She simply added two Skytrack KOs to her solid numbers.

Justice - 3
Justice continues to prove he's one of the top male Gladiators. While not dominating, he added two KOs on Joust in two tries and eight points in two appearances in Assault. Snapback is hard and he let his human score eight points. This was a lean weak and it didn't seem like anyone wanted to take the third spot from Justice.

Titan - 4
One of the biggest risers this week, Titan moved up two spots on the strength of his Joust performances. Now four-for-four with four pretty nasty KOs, Titan is the slightly more manly Crush. But he also added a solid showing in Snapback, allowing only four points. Note: The episode where he "hulked out" was some ridiculous product placement.

Phoenix -
Phoenix is showing she isn't just a one-trick pony. Two-for-two on Hang Tough and perfect on one each Pyramid, Wall and Skytrack attempts has her tied for the biggest jump up in the rankings.

Wolf - 6
The darling of AG, Wolf did just enough to only move down one spot. He mirrored his previous Hang Tough stats (2APP/5PA/1KO), added a Skytrack KO and a mediocre Earthquake showing (2APP/1KO/1TKO).

Militia - 7

After being completely pedestrian in last edition of the rankings, Militia has added two Wall KOs and another Skytrack KO to his resume. That mocking dance he did after dominating a guy on Wall shows that maybe he's not so boring after all...

Rocket - 8
Taking the biggest dive in the rankings (four spots) Rocket is a complete one-hit wonder. He got absolutely beasted on Veritgo (15 points allowed in two tries) and is losing his Wall spots to Zen. That's embarassing.

Hellga - 9
Hellga ranks second in appearances among AGs and I am starting to feel bad for her. The producers keep trying to foster her success (invention of Snapback much?) and she just can't do it. She has six Assault showings, allowing 21 points with three kills. That's not bad, but it's not great. She did fine on Snapback, allowing four points, but didn't do well on the event that she should perform very well in - Tilt (2APP/1KO/1TKO/10PA).

Toa - 10
My favorite stereotype on the show, Toa managed to move up one spot with a hold on Pyramid and a meh Tilt performance (2APP/1KO/1TKO/10PA). Goes to show you how little he had to do to move up.

Zen - 11
Zen is quickly becoming one of my least favorite Gladiators. The three-for-three Wall score is fine (despite one of those being an idiot simply falling when he was inches from winning) but he's the only AG to lose on Skytrack. That'll get you near the bottom.

Jet - 12
Jet is pretty awful. She's allowed a whopping 15 points on Wall - only one other AG has more than zero points allowed. The two-for-two on Vertigo is alright and the one Skytrack KO is pointless. Uninspiring overall.

Hurricane - 13
The new roided-up emo singer, Hurricane only worked the rope on Tilt. He did do well, allowing five points with a KO in two tries. But that's it. He's one of the three new Gladiators who debuted since the last rankings so, merely by amount of appearances, they rank down here.

Steel - 14
A KO and a tie on Earthquake. Whatever.

Siren - 15
Burned on Wall for 10 points? Good to have you back Siren.

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