Monday, June 23, 2008

Tarvaris Jackson: Super Bowl quarterback

Dr. Z at is one of the most respected football writers around. So with the NBA Finals over and baseball being the only cat in town for a few months, football columns are starting to slowly creep out.

The good Dr. picks the Vikings to win it all. The Tarvaris Jackson-led Vikings. Yeah...

And I know where we're headed. Tarvaris Jackson, QB. Just 25 years old. Fine athlete, terrific scrambler, able to make big plays, but so far in his two years in the league, not enough of them.

T-jack games with two+ INT: four
... games with more than one TD pass: two (two TD in both)
... games with 200+ yards passing: four
... games with less than ten completions: four
... games with 40+ yards rushing: one

"'What can I tell you about Tavaris? Well, a quarterback has to be wired the right way, and he's wired that way. He doesn't show that he's sweating.'

[That was Vikings coach Brad Childress]

I picture a team of waterboys constantly wiping Jackson down to make sure no one sees his sweat.

"Besides the production,

Of which there is almost none

there's something to walking into the building every day and being the man. I mean every day. Tavaris is pretty good with that."

So en fin, do I like the Vikings to go all the way? Well, yeah, why not?

Their most important position sucks?

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