Friday, June 27, 2008

Page 2 subtly perpetuates falsities

The opposite of the "it's May, this guys rules!" is the "it's not April, things have changed!" They're similarly inane and pointless, with each having equal weight (none).


Brandon Webb: Unbeatable!

He didn't go 35-0?

Webb was 6-0 in April (and won his first nine starts). Since then, he's gone 2-4 in seven starts.

So he's really 5-4 after April?

In those seven starts:
The D-backs scored 14 runs, 2.0/start. Awesome.
Webb struck out 37 batters (5.3/start) and walked nine (1.3/start).
Webb pitched 42 and 2/3 innings, 6.1 IP/start.
Webb gave up 20 ER (2.8/start) and 6 unearned runs.

I'll take six+ innings, a 5:1 K/BB ratio and less than three earned runs every day of the week.

Chase Utley, best player in baseball!

Is still kind of true!

Meanwhile, fellow NL second sacker Dan Uggla is now having just as good a season as Utley.

Newsflash: "Just as good" now means "slightly worse."

Uggla: .290/.374/.625, 23 HR/57 RBI, 163 OPS+, .347 BABIP
Utley: .293/.382/.600, 22 HR/63 RBI, 151 OPS+, .287 BABIP

So yeah, everything is close. Except BABIP. If their BABIPs were switched, Utley would be blowing out Uggla. As it stands, they're even.

This write up is just as good as any other.

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