Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meeting between guys who choose the NBA Finals soundtrack

Guy #1: Thank God the Celtics made the finals.
Guy #2: Why? The storied rivalry? The two best records in the league playing each other?
Guy #1: No, dumbass. It makes our job easier. *Pulls out milk crate full of dusty vinyl*
Guy #2: What is that?
Guy #1: They're my old records - from high school.
Guy #2: ...
Guy #1: Ever heard this gem? *takes out Boston's Boston*
Guy #2: Umm yeah, I think so. It's Journey, right?
Guy #1: Nope. Motherfucking Boston. That's where the Celtics are from!
Guy #2: Yeah, I get it. Didn't that album come out like, 30 years ago?
Guy #1: So what!? The classics never die.
Guy #2: Can't we use something more...contemporary?
Guy #1: See, this is why I am supervisor. NBA fans are all old and white. They wouldn't know Kanye West from Adam West.
Guy #2: *Looks at Boston* There are maybe three songs on this I've heard.
Guy #1: So? The band's fucking called Boston. It's a goldmine! People will love our cleverness! Besides, we can just shuffle those three songs, no one will notice or care. *Singing* We were just another band out of Bostooooon, on the road tryin to make ends meeeet...
Guy #2: How about like the Pixies? They're from Boston.
Guy #1: The whosies? What kind of gay shit is that?
Guy #2: Or maybe Dinosaur Jr.? The Cars? Even Aerosmith? They're all from Boston.
Guy #1: *Singing, playing air guitar* More than a feeeeeeeeeling, when I hear that old song plaayyyy. It's more than a feellleeeing.

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