Monday, August 11, 2008

Every 2008 Olympics conversation ever

Guy #1: "Hey, did you see [popular Olympian] [do whatever he/she does] last night?"
Guy #2: "Yeah bro, [Michael Phelps] was awesome. But how about [someone who overcame some form of adversity]?"
Guy #1: "I know, crazy coming back from [cancer/missing limb/communism/shortness] and getting to the big stage."

Guy #1: "That opening ceremony was the shit!"
Guy #2: "I hear that, but I feel conflicted cheering for a country that treats Tibet so poorly."
Guy #1: *nods in agreement*

Guy #1: "Did you see [obscure sport that no one knows the rules and is never played outside of Olympics]? It was pretty rad."
Guy #2: "Totally, [one name heard during broadcast] is one hell of a [fencer/water polo player/target shooter]."

Guy #1: "The smog in Beijing is awful!"
Guy #2: "Yeah, thank God we live in LA."

Guy #1: "Did you see Kobe, LeBron and company the other night?"
Guy#2: "Are Jordan and Magic still on the team?"

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