Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Important news about Big Brown

The amazing horse Big Brown, who will go for the Triple Crown on June 7th, ate some hay today, according to trainer Rick Dutrow Jr.

Said Dutrow, "I was really proud of the way Brown attacked the hay bale today. He looked really hungry, ready to eat."

Earlier this week, a mane specialist came to brush Big Brown's mane, according to an anonymous report. "I am positive his mane will be ready come race day," said Dutrow.

An eight-year-old girl also hired Big Brown for her birthday party earlier this week. When asked how Brown looked for the race, little Suzie Stevenson said, "I want one of my own, but mommy and daddy won't get one for me."

It's this kind of experience that will be invaluable to Brown on the track, said Dutrow. "Those kids really know how to push a horse. Come race day, he won't even notice the jockey."

A victory on June seventh will spawn a number of magazine covers, sappy puff pieces and debates about the ethics of horse racing. Also: Seattle Slew, Secretariat, Affirmed. A week later, no one will care.

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