Thursday, May 08, 2008

Somebody has a man-crush on Jake Peavy and post #100

From Jerry Crasnick of and the best hitting pitchers article:

"At heart, Peavy is just an Alabama country kid who just loves to compete. He can run a lick, is tireless in the weight room and, according to Young, hits the ball long and straight off the tee and has a delicate touch around the greens on the golf course."

It's like someone (unclear if it is Crasnick in the beginning and switches, or it's Young the whole time) went to Peavy's wikipedia page and pulled up random hobbies that are kinda, sorta related to baseball and hitting. "'Runs fast,' that's gold! 'Is good at golf?' Whodda thunk?"

Little known facts*: Peavy also has been known to cheat at checkers, cooks a mean quiche, is double-jointed and fears spiders.

There's also a lot of what I like to call "white baseball player" imagery here. Let's break it down.

"At heart, Peavy is a [white person] who just loves [being scrappy]. He can run [white person slang for "fast"], is tireless in the weight room and, according to Young, [plays golf, which is mostly for white people]."

Much better.

*may not be true.


As an aside, this is the 100th post of this little blog here! I may look into streamlining the blog into one topic, as I have begun focusing video game writing on sites people actually read and have an internship writing about music.

Anyway, here's to 100 more posts and thanks to all my readers. Especially those I don't know personally. But you guys I know, too.

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