Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stephen A. Smith uses flawed, idiot logic to justify non-foul

I don't know why I torture myself watching First Take, but I do. This morning, Stephen A. Smith was talking about the Lakers/Spurs game last night. In this game, Brent Barry was blatantly fouled by Derek Fisher on a possible game-winning three.

Smith explains, very succinctly, why many people hate the NBA. Since I am not the fastest typer alive, I'll have to paraphrase, but it went something like this...

"Barry didn't sell the foul. There was contact, but because Barry didn't sell it, he didn't get the call. They should have got Manu the ball because he can win an Academy award on the basketball court.

"It wouldn't have been right to call it, because it would give the Spurs three free throws and hand them the game, which they did not deserve."

Note to any NBA player who is fouled: flop your ass off, flail your arms wildly and whine a ton or else the correct call will not be made.

Also: Lakers/Celtics Finals conspiracy.

Immediate update: From Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express News via TueHoop: "If Brent Barry had sold it, he would have forced Crawford to make the call. If Barry had done a Ginobili, flailing his arms, coming up through Fisher, then Barry would have shot three free throws."

I am going to have to call someone to come wipe the brain matter off my walls because my mind has just been blown. People are advocating flopping on offense! More exclamations needed!!!! The ugliest, most egregious practice in the NBA today. Something that ruins the spirit of the game, makes it unwatchable and un-referee-able.

People, writers, actually want this to occur. I know we all want our team to win, but I will never root for my team to flop. Ever. I blame Vlade Divac.

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