Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bob Ryan's gut is omniscient

In a prime example of a long-tenured sportswriter doing whatever the fuck he wants, Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe is emptying out his brain all over the paper - which is just a bullet list of random crap that he thinks. Sounds awesome!

The New Orleans Hornets should know that in James Posey they are getting a pure mercenary, totally devoid of sentiment. But he has walked the championship walk in both Miami and Boston, and we will tell them what Pat Riley told us: You will like him in the regular season and you will love him in the money games. Never before has a 7-point-per-game man been so sought after.

Unfortunately for the lone purveyor of slick backed hair and Mr. Ryan, they actually measure clutch stats for hoops. Cat's out of the bag now!

Posey in the clutch as defined by
Per 48 minutes - 14.8 points (I got tired of counting how far down on the list that was)/0.353% FG/0.357% 3PFG%

Let me sigh a huge, Texas-sized meh. For some perspective, former Celtic and current nobody, Ryan Gomes puts up 19.9/48 minutes in the clutch. Oh, and LeBron drops 56.

I'll let Ryan define "money games," in which I am sure Posey scores like 80 points/48 minutes.

I don't know what to call the stat (RPB: runs per base?),

Bunk per junk stat?

but I'm here to tell you that few regulars in baseball score runs a higher percentage of the time they get on base than Jacoby Ellsbury, who has scored 60 runs on 121 total bases. The only regulars who are in his league are Toronto's Marco Scutaro (41 runs, 92 TB) and Milwaukee's Rickie Weeks (58 runs, 110 TB). Then there's the fascinating Willy Taveras (Colorado), who has scored 41 runs on 88 total bases with an OBP of .296.

Funny thing is Scutaro and Weeks both kind of stink while Taveras is terrible. That's some whack company. And that stat is more teammate reliant than RBIs, which are also kind of silly.

We can manipulate numbers all we want, but in the end, it's a gut call when deciding if someone should be a baseball Hall of Famer. So, yes, Curt, you have my vote. You're a vital part of late 20th- and early 21st-century baseball history.

Caveman say ugh.

Good to know one of the most important sportswriters for the Globe goes with his gut when deciding HOFers.

"What about Greg Maddux, Bob?"
"I just had a chilli dog, my gut says no."

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